Tourist Licenses - Latest Informatiom

Tourist Licenses - Latest Informatiom

8 Dec 2021

It may be that the days of square metres of land are no longer relevant to obtaining a Tourist License but it´s not all good news. There is a new process in place for applications for Tourist Licences which is a box-ticking exercise for the "funcionarios" or civil servants if you prefer.

There are a lot of boxes that need ticking and they include:-

Sewage or Waste Management. If in the country then only a certain type of Septic Tank is going to get a tick.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms. There will have to be a balance to be struck or there has to be excellent access.

Plans of the property have to be available and in easy view in each room of the property and instructions for the event of a fire.

The correct number of fire extinguishers dependent up on the number of bedrooms etc

The individual town hall has to see the need for a Bed and Breakfast operation

The individual town hall has to agree that its current services, fire, police and ambulances can cope with such an establishment ande can get access.

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