Insurance For Dogs

Insurance For Dogs

22 Mar 2021

If you have a dog that is listed on the "dangerous dogs" list for Spain even if you think your dog is not dangerous you will need to have insurance in place to avoid paying fines. There are advantages to having insurance for your dog that are more than keeping the right side of the law. We have an American Pitbull who chased a cat into the wheel arch of our car and within 24 hours he had destroyed both front wheel arches and caused 2,300€ worth of damage. My car was unfit to drive and had to be taken to Mitsubishi in San Juan (Alicante) who couldn´t even look at it for two weeks. No problem, the insurance not only covered all the repairs but also four weeks of equivalent car hire. What a relief it was for us and in the meantime, we found that if we sprayed anything with a lemon flavour over the front of the car then Zak (Pitbull) kept away.

Dangerous dog insurance is 90€ per annum and 200€ if you want to include 1,000€ of Veterinary Bills. Call us for a free quote and advice.

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