Latest Alicante & Valencia Covid News

Latest Alicante & Valencia Covid News

22 Mar 2021

DAY 375 SPANISH NEWS We have Aprils fools day and Easter just around the corner, So here some new RULES for Easter! MUCH LESS CORONA IN ALICANTE Coronavirus in Alicante: the contagion curve continues to decline with 53 positives. After the latest update, the total number of people infected in the province since the beginning of the pandemic is 144,533. Alicante registers 53 positives for covid-19 in the last 24 hours, as detailed in the data provided by the Ministry of Health. A lower figure than yesterday Friday with 56 cases, three less. With today's numbers on Saturday, the total number of people infected by coronavirus in the province since the beginning of the pandemic, last March is 144,533. The figures notified today Saturday follow the line of this week when the maximum figure was registered last Tuesday with 80 infected people. After this day, the following days the recorded data fell to 43 on Wednesday, rose to 59 on Thursday, yesterday they stood at 56 and today, the Ministry has notified 53. It should be noted that there is 1 case without assigning, rising to five in these moments. As for the other two provinces that make up the Valencian Community, Castellón registers 40 and Valencia 49. With the figures of the three districts, the total of positives in the Valencian territory since the beginning of the pandemic is 384,034. The institution directed by Ana Barceló has reported 13 more deaths from coronavirus since the last update, without specifying its division by provinces. Therefore, the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic in the Valencian Community is 7,051, which, distributed by provinces, would be as follows: 2,662 in Alicante, 775 in Castellón and 3,614 in Valencia.

ASTRA ZENICA VACCINE STARTS UP Health will resume vaccination against coronavirus with AstraZeneca on Wednesday. The Ministry will ask the Interterritorial Council to extend immunization to people over 55 years of age and thus cover 35,000 more teachers. The Ministry of Health will resume vaccination against the coronavirus with AstraZeneca next Wednesday in groups such as the home care service, municipal social services personnel and private health professionals. This was indicated yesterday by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, after the follow-up meeting of the vaccination plan, which was held through videoconference. In it, according to sources from the regional government, the vice president and minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies, Mónica Oltra, along with the heads of Health and Education, Ana Barceló and Vicent Marzà, respectively, and other senior officials also participated. The resumption of vaccination with AstraZeneca is essential because, among other aspects, it will allow the resumption of immunization to teachers and administrative and service personnel of schools in the Valencian Community. The campaign had to be interrupted last Monday when it had just started to start after the Ministry of Health decided to suspend its administration until it was known if the death of a teacher in Malaga as a result of a thrombosis was related to the secondary effects of this vaccine. The dismissal of this hypothesis makes it possible to re-start the plans of the Generalitat. In relation to the immunization of teaching staff, the head of the Consell indicated that the calendar for next week will be maintained. That means that Friday and Saturday of next week, on March 26 and 27, the staff of more than 500 schools in the province of Alicante will be vaccinated, as planned, along with those of other centres of the demarcations of Castellón and Valencia. In this way, according to the same sources, next week more than 176,000 doses will be administered, and over 15 days the figure will rise to more than 350,000.

TRAVELLING WITH FALSE PCR TESTS Six Spaniards fined in Rome for travelling with fake PCR
The six are on Erasmus student exchange programs in Rome and decided to travel to Hungary from Ciampino airport Six young Spaniards have been denounced this Saturday for having tried to board a flight from Rome to Budapest showing false-negative PCR certificates. It is the first time that such a case has occurred in Italy since the pandemic exists. The six are on Erasmus in Rome and decided to travel to Hungary from Ciampino airport, but the border police observed that something was wrong with the certificates, so they decided to call the laboratory that supposedly had issued them. After discovering the deception, the police forced them to carry out a test at the Air Sanitation at the same airport and two of them have tested positive. All have been accused of "material falsehood" and "violation of anti-contagion measures." The Magyar authorities, like those of other European countries, impose that you can enter their territory only with a negative PCR. Consulting the health data bank, the police have also discovered that one of the young people had already been fined positively on February 4. That night the residents of a community called the police because shouts and music came from one floor of the building as if they were celebrating a party. One of the guys who tested positive at Ciampino airport was part of the group that had organized the party. However, it is the first time that someone has shown up at an airport with a false anticovid medical certificate.

COVID MICROCHIPS The University of Alicante develops microchips to be able to detect covid quickly. The team of professors Morallón and Cazorla from the Institute of Materials investigates electrochemical biosensors that measure whether there is infection - The sample can come from saliva or blood and the material lowers costs. Detect covid very quickly and with low costs. It is the objective that the professors of Physical Chemistry Emilia Morallón and Diego Cazorla have proposed, based on the research initiated with sensors from the Institute of Materials at the University of Alicante. Funded by the Technological Institute of Packaging, ITENE, located in Paterna, they participate in the development of electrochemical biosensors to detect the coronavirus in an agile and economical way. They have developed the new project based on their previous experience with sensors for the detection of diabetes or prostate cancer, as explained by the professor. "We know a lot about chemistry and not about medicine, but once you know the problems it is very interesting to get involved and help."
The rationale for his research is that when the material is placed on the plate, “the antibodies that we generate interact with the antigen and remain anchored, as if it were a barrier. By lowering the signal it gives us the measure of the infection. The basis is to put the antibody of what you want to detect well ». They have found that the sensor can detect infection quickly.
The sensor is a kind of very small microchip where the cables are connected to the equipment that it measures. The droplet of what you want to analyze can be measured to determine the concentration, in this case, of the coronavirus. They aspire to carry out the measurement with saliva, blood or even sweat depending on the case in question. "You have to adjust the element that it detects, to what you want to measure, only the antibody varies," explains Cazorla. Depending on the antibody that we put in, one antigen or another will be detected. "One virus after another is going to come and rapid and accurate marker analysis systems are needed," he weighs.

WHAT CAN YOU DO AT EASTER? With Easter just around the corner, the Valencian government is very clear that the measures against covid-19 cannot be relaxed and has extended them until April 12. Perimeter closure of the community, limitation of social or family gatherings, opening of the hotel business under strict restrictions, and very specific indications for celebrations, physical activities, sports competitions, educational or outdoor leisure, wakes and funerals, non-religious ceremonies and, even the use of swimming pools or access to beaches will be a handicap for those who had planned to plan outings and meetings on those days. In this way, the Generalitat wants to avoid a repeat of what happened at Christmas and, consequently, a fourth wave of the virus. Now, with all these measures, is it clear what can and cannot be done? Can we meet family and friends, travel by plane, or leave the community with a negative CRP? And what about the children? Will there be activities for them or can they stay with a relative if the parents work?
1. The perimeter closure of the Valencian Community prevents entering or leaving except in case of duly justified movement, but can you go by plane, for example, to Madrid?
The Valencian Community extends the limitation of entry and exit of people except to attend health centres, services and establishments, comply with labour, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations, attend university, teaching and educational centres, including schools of early childhood education, return to the place of habitual or family residence, assist or care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable, travel to financial and insurance entities or fuel supply stations in neighbouring territories, renew permits and official documentation, as well as other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed, displacements of athletes, coaches, judges or federated referees, due to force majeure and for any other activity of a similar nature, duly accredited. All these limitations are the same for travel by car, train or plane. In addition, it should be added the shortage of flights and that at any time the authorities may require the justification of the trip.

2. Can people from other communities come to your second home on the beach?
No. The displacement to a second residence is not contemplated in the exceptions that the Generalitat has included in the limitation of entry to the Valencian Community.

3. Can I go on vacation abroad if the country I am going to allows it and if so, return without problems?
At the moment there are countries, such as the United Kingdom, that do not allow entry, and those that do request a negative result of a PCR. In addition, the authorities may require proof of travel at any time. In the case of Germany, the flights will begin on March 28, but there will be few.

4. Can I leave the Valencian Community if I have a negative PCR?
No. To leave the Valencian Community, the same requirements must be met as to enter. Before attempting to leave, it is advisable to check that any of the exceptions contemplated by the perimeter closure decreed by the Generalitat are met, in order to avoid sanctions.

5. Can I take a relative out of the nursing home to spend the holidays with me? And visit him at his residence?
At the moment neither of these options is possible. In fact, this same week, as INFORMATION collected, the Business Association of Residences and Services for Dependent Persons of the Valencian Community (Aerte) demanded that the Ministry of Health resume family visits to users. It should be remembered that since January the nursing homes only allow access to staff and health professionals, a measure that was adopted at the times of greatest incidence of the pandemic to avoid infections and deaths from covid-19. The employers now want these restrictions to be relaxed since the situation has improved and the centres are safer thanks to vaccination. But it has not yet occurred.

6. A student who is in another community, will he be able to come at Easter?
Yes. One of the exceptions included in the perimeter closure is to return to the place of habitual or family residence. Therefore, he may enter the Valencian Community to return home on vacation, duly justifying the displacement.

7. Can I send my child to an Easter holiday camp?
Displacements within the Valencian Community are allowed without exceptions. Another thing is that these types of activities are organized since according to the restrictions implemented by the "In accommodations that offer collective rooms and service, people from different cohabitation groups cannot spend the night in the same room or use shared kitchens." This rule applies to student residences, school residences, camps, and shelters.

8. Can I demand to telecommute or am I entitled to leave to take care of my children while they are on vacation?
Teleworking, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, is an option agreed between the worker and the company. Therefore, in this case, the parents could request this option, although they would have to reach an agreement with the company. In the case of leave, it must be at least four months, so it would not be considered for holidays such as Easter. The professionals consulted recommend, in the event that teleworking is not possible, to make use of vacation days.

9. What other options do I have to leave my children during the Easter holidays if I have to work?
The measures against covid-19 in force until April 12, in the educational leisure section, youth animation schools, parks and free leisure areas, "authorize educational leisure activities and education in free time, and schools of youth animation, organized both by administrations and by non-formal education youth entities and associations. In the indoor or outdoor facilities where such activities take place, the capacity of 30% may not be exceeded. The activities must be carried out in groups of up to a maximum of 10 people, in addition to the monitor person ». Therefore, parents, as long as they have access to these types of activities, may bring their children. Another option is for minors to spend holidays with a family member since despite the prohibition of meeting people who do not belong to the same nucleus or group of coexistence in homes, the exception of "foster care of minors in any of its typologies ».

10. Can I spend Easter in my second residence in the country or on the beach?
If the home is within the Valencian Community, yes. But beware, because social or family gatherings in homes and spaces for private use, both indoors and outdoors, are only allowed to people who belong to the same nucleus or coexistence group, so no one could go who not from the same core.

11. In the event that one of the spouses lives in another autonomous community for work reasons, can he return to his family at Easter?
Yes. On the one hand, the return to the place of habitual or family residence is allowed in the perimeter fence of the Valencian Community; but in addition, the meeting of people with a marital or partner relationship who live in different addresses is also one of the exceptions that are contemplated in the section on "social encounters".

RECAP Covid cases down today, up yesterday, down today, like a hookers knickers. Astra Zenica Vaccine is fixed now, they did nothing to it, but its ok to use now! Poor teachers. Studenst will be students and print their own negative PCR tests. ! Then have a real PCR test and test positive, but must have felt ok to want to get travelling! Anyway, they made history by being the first ones caught with false PCR tests! Tin foil hat time, dare I mention microchips to test for covid? THE RULES Still can't leave the province of Valencia until April 12th, that’s 11 days after April fools day! Rule 1, You can't go to Madrid unless you are doing one of these twenty things, so anyone can go really. 2. Can I go from Madrid to the beach, NO, but I bet they do! 3, Can I go on holiday, Yes to German prison of war camps! 4. Can I leave Valencia if I have had the jab. No that means nothing, only if you use one of the twenty excuses can you leave Valencia with a jab. 5, Can I take granny out to play, NO you have already dug her up six times. 6. Can a Student from a different community come home? Yes if they have a fake negative PCR test. 7. Can my child go to easter camp before I personally kill them. Yes as long as it's in Valencia and the have a fake pcr test. 8. Can I work from home so my kids can annoy me? Yes only if your boss hates you. 9. You kids are your problem don’t ask me what you're going to do with them since you can't go anywhere. 10. Can I go to my beachside mansion, Yes if it's in the same community, no if you have had the vaccine, and you must not talk to anyone or mix with them as you might give them a new variant. 11. My husband works away, can he come home at easter? Have you warned him that the kids are at home? He may not want to!


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